Upholstery For Beginners

By Ian Kirby Furniture Maker & Antique Restorer

Upholstery Taster Project workshop for Beginners

Saturday - 1st & 8th Sunday 2nd & 9th
Dates for Weekday night class workshops Starting 5:30 - 7:30 Mon - Fir
3rd - 7th & 11th - 14th

Contact No.07752018033 for any Inquiries

Upholstery 10 hrs taster workshop for beginners where you work at your own piece with full guidance from myself.
You will need an Apron or overalls a camera notebook and pencil to record stages of work. If you bring in your own tools you will need Magnetic hammer or pin hammer, Tack lifter,Pliers, pincers, ripping chisel, Wooden Mallet. Tools can be available just let us know when booking your workshop place.
You will need to bring in a piece of furniture to Upholster, I would suggest you start a stuffed seat, a Drop In Seat, Footstool, Headboard,or Modern Dinning Chair.

Upholstery materials will be supplied will be charged for on the basis of what you use, you will only have to bring in your finish fabric.
Before you start can you please send a picture or photo of your project this is so I have a better understanding of your requirements then I can advise you better.

Will start by stripping off old fabric stuffing webbing etc, and we have to then make good the frame, this maybe filling holes or maybe gluing joints.
Handling of fabric correctly- during cutting, stitching,fixing, materials such as webbing, scrim, cotton or polyester wadding, stuffing.
Handling tools correctly - includes Hammering, Tack lifting, chisels etc.
Health and Safety.

Cost & Booking
Single Booking & Payment for 10 hrs Upholstery beginners workshop - £120
Double Booking & Payment for 10 hrs Upholstery beginners workshop- £200
Booking and payment must be received at least 3 weeks before workshop, full refunds can only be made if you cancel no less than 2 weeks before you start.
Payment can be made by Bank Transfer.

Contact No.07752018033 for any Inquiries

Project Examples

Here are some examples of projects for beginners

  • Dinning Chair with drop in seat

  • Footstool

  • Chair recovering